Our range of PVC rigid sheets is precisely engineered keeping in mind the various requirements of our clients and are used for various applications. We are known to offer supreme quality of PVC rigid sheets to our clients that are known for their efficient performance and that these high speed PVC rigid sheets are designed to perfection. PVC rigid sheet offers normal impact and high corrosion resistance and is available in thick gauges. It comes in a dark gray color. 

The main features of PVC Rigid sheets is that they are Smooth and Gloss, are very Easy to Fabricate, have Good Printability, Fine Cell Structure, Low Flammability, Non Corrosive, Non Toxic, High Impact Strength, Good Sound and Thermal Insulation, Self Extinguishing and also have great Resistance to Oscillation and Vibration.  They are generally suitable for Cut, Saw, Shear, Punch, Drill, Bend, Mill, Rivet, Weld, Paint, Print, Photo Mount, Emboss, Engrave & Thermoform.

Their Main Applications are Advertising Signs, Displays, Walls and Partitions, Bathroom Fittings, Models & Prototypes, Panels & Cabin, Embossing & Engraving, Point of sale, Switch Board and Ventilation Duct.

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