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Our Company is engaged in production and supply of the finest quality Submersible Winding Wire. That is globally served to submersible pump industries. We use Superior and best quality cast copper rods and best quality Biaxial Oriented Poly Propylene (BOPP) films and polypropylene tapes, which makes our product far grander than the competition. They are available in standard sizes ranging from 0.80mm to 2.0mm


Sr. No Size
1 Submersible Wire - 1.000mm - RR Shramik
2 Submersible Wire - 1.100mm - RR Shramik
3 Submersible Wire - 1.200mm - RR Shramik
4 Submersible Wire - 1.300mm - RR Shramik
5 Submersible Wire - 1.400mm - RR Shramik
6 Submersible Wire - 1.500mm - RR Shramik
7 Submersible Wire - 1.600mm - RR Shramik
8 Submersible Wire - 1.700mm - RR Shramik
9 Submersible Wire - 1.800mm - RR Shramik
10 Submersible Wire - 1.900mm - RR Shramik
11 Submersible Wire - 2.000mm - RR Shramik
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